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Make Bookkeeping Tasks Easier with a Schedule

monthly bookkeeping checklist

Make sure to check for errors in transfers between accounts (think credit card payments or transfers to savings) and also to make sure any owner draws are categorized properly. Don’t skip this step or your monthly books will not be correct. If your clients have employees, you may be completing payroll bi-weekly or monthly.

  • If you write physical checks, this step will make sure those are all in there correctly.
  • Or if an employee submits fraudulent expenses that generate a material loss for your business.
  • Split into seven sections, it includes critical details for each step including task owner, duration and due date.
  • Can I use this checklist template within the Financial Cents application?
  • Run this report through your accounting software to make sure that all your debits and credits are in balance and that all your transactions have been posted to the correct account.

So, how can you simplify your responsibility of closing your books monthly? Say goodbye to disorganized books and hello to law firm bookkeeping a month-end closing procedure. So check out my bank reconciliation video if you would like to look at this in more detail.

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Divvying up the records when reconciling your bank statement can help you stay organized and catch errors at month-end. Compare your invoices with your records to make sure you aren’t missing any customer payments. Make sure you sent an invoice to every customer you completed work for during the month. To keep your accounting books as accurate as possible, you need to stay organized. Use the tips below to ensure your month-end close process runs smoothly. Businesses perform a month-end close to keep accounting data organized and ensure all transactions for the monthly period were accounted for.

If you’re not using cloud-based accounting software that automatically backs up your data, make sure to back up your financial data manually at least once a month. This will give you peace of mind that you won’t lose your data if you have a hardware failure or file corruption. Doing some accounting tasks daily will make your recordkeeping easier, make inventory management more efficient and expose costly mistakes sooner. So if your checkbook, bank accounts, and general ledger don’t align, there’s an error somewhere that needs addressing. On the other hand, if everything lines up perfectly, you can breathe a sigh of relief (until the next month rolls around). Billing your clients on a consistent schedule can reduce late payments.

Business Bookkeeping Checklist

Important Monthly Bookkeeping ReportsIt’s important that all these tasks be completed monthly in a timely manner to keep your business on track. That’s why has processes, procedures and deadlines in place to ensure that reports are filed—and received by you and all appropriate parties—in time. Your primary accounting tasks should focus on recording transactions. Understanding daily transactions are crucial to help you track how much cash your company has and how much it owes to others. The process of recording transactions includes logging and verifying the money going in and out of the door, as seen in the general ledger. There are ten basic types of bookkeeping accounts that bookkeepers must use to organize company finances.

monthly bookkeeping checklist

For example, when you review your statements, you might notice that you’ve been spending a lot of money for a product that’s not selling. You might decide to use cheaper materials to produce the product. When closing your books at the end of the month, record any payments related to your fixed assets. Start with one of the above categories and work your way to the others.

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Lastly but not least importantly, streamlined business processes contribute to customer satisfaction. An organized approach to both bookkeeping and procurement means that orders will be processed promptly without errors or issues arising from miscommunication within departments. The benefits of streamlining your business processes are vast and can have a significant impact on the overall success and efficiency of your company.

From managing invoices to tracking expenses and optimizing procurement procedures, a streamlined approach can save time, money, and resources. The monthly bookkeeping is the records used in the maintenance of the daily as well as the monthly business expenses and other transaction that is used in the overall business. And the business organization keeps the check on the overall expenses by keeping in the items recorded in the checklist.

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