Pharmacy Diabetes


Pharmacy Diabetes Medicine Conversation Program

Upskilling the Pharmacist to provide value added services to people living with diabetes


Diabetes Education

Pharmacists can offer structured diabetes education to people covering topics like diabetes pathophysiology, potential complications, self-monitoring, and foot care to empower people to better manage their condition.

Program Author

Kirrily Chambers

Advanced Practice Pharmacist (B PHARM), Credentialled Diabetes Educator, Adv Dip Nut Pharm, Grad. Dip. App. Pharma. Prac. Kirrily was the 2019 UTS Innovative Pharmacist of the Year, 2016 CDE of the Year and has received many other Awards over the course of her career. Kirrily became the first pharmacist Credentialled Diabetes Educator in Australia ten years ago and continues to lead the evolution of diabetes care by community pharmacists in primary care.

“Diabetes Is A Complex Condition And Increasing The Capacity Of Pharmacists To Provide Support And Knowledge To People With Diabetes Is Very Powerful.”

Counselling Interventions

Pharmacists are experts in medications, including insulin and oral drugs. They can ensure people with diabetes understand how to take their medications, educate them about proper dosages, potential side effects, and drug interactions.

Collaboration With Other Healthcare Providers

Phamacist can work collaboratively with other healthcare professionals involved in the person’s diabetes care to ensure coordinated and comprehensive management.

Comprehensive Medication Reviews

Pharmacist can help to identify potential drug interactions, duplications, or inappropriate medications. Pharmacists can work with other healthcare providers to optimise the person’s drug therapy.

Empowering Diabetes Care 
with the Power of Science and Innovation

Blood Glucose Monitoring

Pharmacist can demonstate how to use blood glucose monitoring devices effectively and help people interpret the results


Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM)

Pharmacists may assist people in using CGM devices, explaining how they work and how to interpret the data.

Insulin Pump Support

Pharmacist can support people with diabetes using insulin pump. They can provide support on pump usage, maintenance, troubleshooting and help with ordering of insulin pump consumables.

If you are a pharmacist, professional service manager, or pharmacy business owner keen on making a difference in the community by starting a new evidence-based pharmacist-led diabetes program, contact us today. Introduce a new service into your store that positively impacts your community and enhances engagement with people  with diabetes and those at risk. All this while creating new revenue streams for your pharmacy.