Pharmacy Diabetes

DPR-session-2-summary & conclusion

  • Excess fat accumulation occurs in adipose tissue, the liver, pancreas and muscles.
  • In non-adipose tissues, excess energy leads to lipotoxicity, leading to abnormal glucose and insulin metabolism.
  • Muscle lipotoxicity inhibits glucose uptake, leading to peripheral insulin resistance
  • Pancreatic lipotoxicity inhibits insulin production.
  • Rapid weight loss rapidly restores pancreatic function and reduces insulin resistance.
  • VLEDs are a clinically proven method of achieving rapid and sustainable weight loss.
  • They should provide the right amount of available carbohydrate to create a state of ketosis.
  • A range of VLEDs are available in Australia, but few meet all nutritional requirements.
  • Many will need to be reformulated to meet the requirements of Standard 2.9.5